lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

John Mayall - Back To The Roots With Mick Taylor (Limited Edition)

Back To The Roots
With Mick Taylor
Limited Edition

Credits with:
Mick Taylor
Colin Allen
John Mac Vie
Live Capitol Theatre,New Jersey.USA,1982
Albert King
Etta James
Buddy Guy
Juniors Wells
Skippie Wallace

2-An Eye For An Eye
3-Baby What Ya want Me To Do
4-Messin With The Kid
5-Don't Start Me Talking
6-Shorty George
7-The Dark Side Of Midnight
8-Why Are you So Mean To Me???
9-Call It Stormy monday
10-CC Rider Jam / Room To Love

Bonus Tracks
11-Time Has Come
12-2 401
Live In Bremen,1968
Beat Club TV Show
Mick Taylor
Colin Allen
Steve Thompson on Bass

13-Wake Up And Call
Live with Mick taylor in 1993

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