domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

DVD - Allman Brothers Band - Beacon Theatre New Yor City,2009


Guests :
Taj Mahal
Levon Helm
Teresa Williams
Larry Cambell
Brian Mitchel

Here is the opening night of the celebrated 40th Anniversary Allman Brothers Band run at the Beacon Theater. This show features appearances from the legendary blues man Taj Mahal during the first set and Levon Helm, drummer for The Band, in the second set.As Taj comes on the stage Greg mentions the Allman Brothers – Taj connection. Back in the 70′s they would share amplifiers while playing the West Coast music scene. As legend has it Duane Allman was inspired to play slide guitar after hearing Jesse Ed Davis play on Taj’s albums back in 1968. We all know where that went!Derek Trucks is also a big fan of Taj Mahal. Derek treated us to his distinct version of “Leavin Trunk” at The Park West in April. Another of Taj’s tunes “Chevrolet” was recorded for the Derek Trucks Band CD Songlines and also appeared on the Songlines Live DVD.Lets all hope Taj Mahal makes the trip down to Jacksonville to record some songs at Derek’s Swamp Raga Studios. I wonder if it is getting old for Derek, all of his musical heroes seeking him out to play with him. Hearing his solo on “Leavin Trunk” it is clear that he is finding it pretty thrilling.They play “Statesboro Blues” the way Taj first recorded it and not the incessant slide driven groove version they played on Allmans Brothers at Fillmore West. No matter how relaxed we tried to get back at The Castle in college the Duane Allman intro to that song would always get you to your feet and moving and feeling good.While not a perfect recording this show has many highlights. Hope you enjoy it with some good friends. What the highlight of this show for you?

1. Little Martha
2. Don’t Want You No More &gt
3. It’s Not My Cross To Bear
4. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
5. The Same Thing
6. New Instrumental
7. Midnight Rider
8. Leave My Blues at Home
9. Leavin’ Trunk
10. Forty-Four Blues
11. Statesboro Blues

1. Intro
2. Ophelia
3. I Shall Be Released
4. The Weight
5. Black Hearted Woman
6. Stormy Monday
7. Mountain Jam
8. Crowd
9. Southbound

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