lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

DVD - Jazz Heritage Festival New Orleans,1991


01. BB King
02. Taj Mahal
03. Robert Cray Band
04. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
05. Earl King
06. John Mayall & The BluesBreakers
07. John Mooney
08. Marva Wright & Her Soulful Blues Revue
09. Taj Mahal
10. The James Rivers Movement
11. Dr Michael White
12. John Lee Hooker
13. BB King

Bonnie Lee - Sweetheart of the Blues

Sweetheart of the Blues

Bonnie Lee cut her first full-length album, Sweetheart of the Blues, in 1995, nearly 30 years after she established herself as a staple of the Chicago scene. During those years, she sang constantly, and it's clear from the first note that this album is the work of a seasoned pro. Lee pretty much sticks to standards like "Baby, What You Want Me to Do," "Walking Blues" and "That's All Right," but that's all right, because it gives her the opportunity to wail. And wail she does, proving she's a fine soul-blues vocalist, capable of great things. She doesn't reach greatness here, but Sweetheart of the Blues is a classy set of Chicago blues. It's just too bad that it took her so long to cut the record.~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Bonnie Lee - Vocals
Steve Freund - Vocals,Guitar
Billy Branch - Harmonica
Hank Ford - Tenor Saxophone
Willie Kent, Johnny B. Moore - Guitar

1-Baby, What You Want Me to Do
2-Walking Blues
3-I Love You Baby
4-That's All Right
5-I Need Your Love So Bad
6-Since I Fell for You
7-If You Be My Baby
8-Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
9-Ocean of Tears
10-Got the Blues 'Bout My Baby
11-Next Time You See Me
12-Change Your Mind
13-Give All Your Lovin'

domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

DVD - Buddy Guy - 34 Festival de Jazz Vitoria- Gasteiz ,2010

Live Polideportivo Mendizorrotza
14 de julio ,2010

2-Make Love To me
3-Damn Right I Got The Blues
4-Milkin'Mother For You
5-Skin Deep
6-Drowning On Dry Land
7-Rock Me Baby
8-Mad Love (I Want You To Love me)
9-You and Me
10-Boom Boom
11-Strange Brew
14-Band Intro
15-Meet Me With Your Black Clthes On
16-Woodoo Child
17-Sunshine Ot Your Love

Robert Jr Lockwood- Swings in Tokyo: Live at the Park Tower Blues Festival

1. Something to Do
2. Every Day I Have the Blues
3. Steady Rollin' Man
4. Hangin' On
5. After Hours
6. Take a Little Walk With Me
7. Kind Hearted Woman
8. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
9. Going Home
10. See See Rider
11. Annie's Boogie

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

DVD - Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Jazz A Vienne,2007

Jazz A Vienne,2007

1-Bad Boy
2-Buddy Budy's Friend
3-Help Me
4- Mustang Sally
5-Please Don't Waste My Time
6-The Blues Is Alright
7-Mama Talk To You Daughter
8-Get Your Bussiness Straight

Nick Moss - Privileged


Privileged, the latest release from Nick Moss, is a different approach for the Chicago bluesman for a couple of reasons. First of all, though most of the Flip Tops appear throughout the album, he's flying solo from the band name this time. And although Moss has displayed a resilient capacity to stay within the boundaries of traditional blues, Chicago in particular, he has changed direction a bit as well. By way of seven previous CDs of Chicago electric and acoustic blues, a few of which were deserved award winners, rockin' the blues is the general approach here. It's immediately discerned in the album's opener, “Born Leader.” The song about leadership and truth is coerced down a hard driving path by a dynamic guitar riff. It is in a Tinsley Ellis vein, which is a change for Moss, though different influences are bound to pop up when a performer's sound and style alters. Both the front and back of the CD display familiar scenes from the Great Depression, which is frighteningly painful realism considering today's waning economic situation. Additionally, the album theme lays reference to what the blues is all about, and the places in time where the music is most relevant. Moss relays the significance in the album's fourth song, “Privileged at Birth,” in which harsh lyrical content fronts an appealing melody heavy on rhythm guitar. It contains some brilliant lead work as well, the guitars of which are all performed and overdubbed by Nick. He displays that expertise again in “Louise,” as well as his adoration for rhythmic potency, a trait a Chicago bluesman never leaves behind. In a George Thorogood vein, a solid riff intro into tube amp distortion sets the mood.
Gerry Hundt's mandolin gives “Georgia Rattlesnake” a Zeppelin-like presence. Moss also gets into a couple of interesting covers. Although his rendition of Cream's funky “Politician” is distinctive in sound and delivery, it's interesting that Moss's voice sounds a lot like Jack Bruce. Stephen Stills' “For What It's Worth” is covered in a funky and bluesy way. The appealing rendition has drummer Bob Carter on vocals while Moss concentrates on lead guitar and a wah-wah-infected rhythm. An interesting aspect about this album is that although it seems like a big change for Nick Moss at first listen, it has a tendency to grow on you quickly, to the point of sounding like just another Nick Moss blues gem. And there's nothing wrong with that. His biggest departures are “Tear 'Em Down” and “Bolognious Funk.” Both are seven minute pieces that fly off on incredible instrumental tangents touching on '60s psychedelia and fusion, the latter being a progressive instrumental that journeys off on a single chord for a good stretch.
As with traditional blues, Moss proves with Privileged that he's pretty adept at the genres that followed it. And although it can be perceived as being the other side of Nick Moss, the music contains just as much influence, emotion, and realism as the more traditional stuff. The best thing about this crossover is that it demonstrates just how related the music really is, and that one style is not the enemy of the other. But then again, that's what Muddy Waters was saying for years.

1 Born Leader
2 Louise
3 Georgia Redsnake
4 Privileged At Birth
5 Politician
6 She's So Fine (Born Blind)
7 Tear 'Em Town
8 For What It's Worth
9 Why Should I Care
10 You're Love's A Lie
11 Bolognious Fun

martes, 11 de enero de 2011

DVD - Savoy Brown - Live At The Pump House,Syracuse N.Y,1992

Live At The Pump House
Syracuse N.Y,1992

KIM SIMMONDS - Guitar,Vocals
PETE Mc MAHON - Vocals,Harp
ANDY RAMIREZ - Bass,Vocals

2-I'm Tired
3-Yesterday Blues
5-Don't Tell Me Nothing
6-Let It Rock
7-Street Corner Talking
8-Wang Dang Doodle
9-Harp's Boogie

Gregor Hilden - Golden Voice Blues

Golden Voice Blues

Blues review German guitarist and songwriter Gregor Hilden is back with yet another masterpiece blending his uncompromising mix of blues and jazz inclinations. Playing with his 1959 Les Paul, Hilden brings to fore jazz-laden phrasing, concise and economical noting, and a need for classical renderings within the blues. One of the most beautifully sounding guitarists around, Hilden also has dynamite support from a high quality team of German and American musicians. Sounding like seasoned accomplices, Hilden and crew lay out some tight ass music on this biscuit. Instead, you'll discover in Hilden, a seemingly trained guitarist in love with jazz and doing the blues. Pure and powerful with every note wrung for its own weighty and artistic worth. Instrumentals with super backing, wonderful jazz inflections, and a brooding blues fever, Gregor Hilden puts out a strong set of jazzed-fused blues to wet your appetite. When it's done, I'll bet you shake your head and play it over! This young lion has created a sensation with the European Jazz and Blues fans. "The guitar work of Germany’s Gregor Hilden is phenomenally calculated and measured. ...The axe work of Mr. Hilden is indeed a pleasure to take in, unadulterated blues with masterful executions. ...These are brilliant compositions and arrangements...”

1. Shufflin'
2. Golden Voice Blues
3. Off Beatin'
4. Smack Bertha's Shuffle
5. Late Rent Shuffle
6. Mature Blues
7. Baritone Boogaloo
8. Jammin'
9. Sweet 'n' Sour
10. Earth Blues
11. Greg's Boogie

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

DVD- John Mayall - Berlin,1987

Berlin,April 1987

1-She's Out There Somewhere
2-Somebody's Acting Like A Child
3-All Your Love
4-Ridin' On The L&N
5-Racehorse man
6-Hound Dog
7-The Bear
8-Wikd About You
9-The Things That I Used To Do
10-Rolling With The Blues
11-Room To Move
12-Looking Back
13-I Ain't Got You

JOHN MAYALL - Vocals,Guitar,Keyboards
WALTER TROUT - Guitar,Vocals
COCO MONTOYA - Guitar,Vocals