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Floyd Mc Daniel & Erwin Helfer - A Hundred Years From Today...

A Hundred Years From Today...

Known for blues-drenched jazz and jazz-drenched blues, Floyd McDaniel (1915-1995) was a part of the Chicago scene for most of his 80 years. The singer-guitarist was born in Athens, AL but spent much of his life in the Windy City, which he moved to when he was 15 in 1930. As a teenager, McDaniel played and sang the blues on the streets of Chicago, and in 1933, he joined a washboard band called the Rhythm Rascals. In the early '40s, McDaniel learned to play the electric guitar and joined the Four Blazes, a jump blues combo that later became the Five Blazes and recorded for Aristocrat in 1947 and United Artists in 1952-53. McDaniel was involved in a variety of activities, including operating a tavern on Chicago's South Side in the 1950s and 1960s and playing with a version of the Ink Spots in the 1970s. In the 1980s, McDaniel joined forces with Dave Clark, a veteran tenor saxophonist who ended up joining McDaniel's final group, the Blues Swingers. McDaniel, who recorded for Delmark in the 1990s, died in Chicago on July 23, 1995--only two days after his 80th birthday.

Erwin Helfer (1936) was introduced to piano blues as a young teenager growing up in Chicago in the early '50s, the heyday of the city's blues clubs and the fortunes of labels such as Chess Records. A native of Chicago's south side, he haunted the clubs as a boy, but he also took the time to attend school and completed college with a degree in music, which he followed by spending three years in New Orleans in the late '50s, where he played jazz. Among the musicians who influenced him most were Jimmy Yancey, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, and Speckled Red, and Helfer counted himself a good friend of guitarist Big Joe Williams. Helfer became a performer and teacher, touring Europe as a blues pianist and also training college students in Chicago throughout the 1970s. His style is equally adaptable to blues and jazz.

Floyd McDaniel - Guitar & Vocals
Erwin Helfer - Piano

01. The Shiek Of Araby 3:15
02. Beale Street Baby Blues 4:12
03. The Fives 2:38
04. Sweet Substitute 3:44
05. I Can't Get Started 4:30
06. Tea For Two 3:24
07. Baby, You Don't Have To Go 2:18
08. Mother's Eyes 3:52
09. Do You Know What It Mewans To Miss New Orleans 3:40
10. Poock Piddle 3:58
11. The Viper Song 2:35
12. Sweet Lorraine 3:52
13. Floyd's Blues 4:06
14. Sentimental Reason 6:00
15. Take The A Train 3:10
16. A Hundred Years From Today 3:40


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