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DVD - Santana - Bela Vista Park,Lisbon Portugal 2006

June 2nd,2006
Rock in Rio


01 Peace Intro / Jingo
02 I Am Somebody
03 Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud / Aranjuez / María María
04 Foo Foo
05 Corazon Espinado
06 Samba Pa Ti
07 Batuka / No One To Depend On
08 Apache / Smooth / Dame Tu Amor
09 Soul Sacrifice
10 Into The Night
11 Evil Ways / A Love Supreme / Band Introduction

Albert Collins - Frigorific 1962-1982 (2011)

FRIGORIFIC 1962-1982

01 – Icy Blue
02 – Do The Sissy
03 – Collins’ Mix
04 – Ain’t Got Time
05 – Harris County Line-Up
06 – Jawing
07 – Trash Talkin’
08 – Medley
09 – And Then It Started Raining
10 – Do What You Want To Do
11 – 69 Underpass Roadside Inn
12 – There’s Gotta Be A Change
13 – In Love Wit’cha
14 – Cold Cold Feeling
15 – Too Tired
16 – Frosty (Live)
17 – Don’t Lose Your Cool (Live)
18 – Angel Of Mercy (Live)
19 – All About My Girl (Live)

01 – Brick
02 – Got A Mind To Travel (Live)
03 – The Highway Is Like A Woman
04 – Soul Road
05 – Thaw Out (Live)
06 – Junkey Monkey
07 – Conversation With Collins
08 – How Blue Can You Get (Live)
09 – Honey Hush!
10 – Frost Bite
11 – Get Your Business Straight (Live)
12 – The Freeze
13 – Blue Monday Hangover
14 – Bitsey
15 – If Trouble Was Money (Live)
16 – Things I Used To Do (Live)
17 – Johnny B. Cool (Live)

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DVD - Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock,1999

July 6,1999

The honor of closing the greatest rock festival ever conceived had been bestowed to Jimi Hendrix. The renowned guitarist had earned that right on the strength of three groundbreaking albums and scores of memorable performances throughout the world. Inclement weather and seemingly endless delays forced Hendrix to wait until Monday morning before he took the stage and delivered one of his most celebrated performances.
Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock features highlights from Jimi's legendary festival appearance. Exciting performances of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)," "Fire," and "Purple Haze" are capped by the guitarist's unforgettable rendition of "Star Spangled Banner."

Message To Love
Red House
Jam Back At The House
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze
Woodstock Improvisation
Villanova Junction
Hear My Train A Comin'

Robin Trower - At The BBC 1973-1975

AT THE BBC 1973-1975

At the BBC 1973-1975 is a double-disc collection that assembles a whopping 30 tracks from Robin Trower's breakthrough years in 1973 and 1974 with his trio of bassist/vocalist James Dewar and drummer Reg Isidore. In 1975, Bill Lordan replaced Isidore. These years yielded the studio LPs Twice Removed from Yesterday, Bridge of Sighs, and For Earth Below; all of the songs on this compilation are versions of tracks from these recordings. Disc one contains his initial John Peel sessions, which contained four performances of tracks from his debut -- including the title track, "Man of the World," "Daydream," and "Sinner's Song." The next eight come from Bob Harris sessions that include mostly material from Bridge of Sighs, with exceptional readings of "Day of the Eagle," "Little Bit of Sympathy," and "Too Rolling Stoned." Interspersed between these are another version of "Daydream" and a smoking "I Can't Wait Much Longer." The final four tracks are from another Peel session from 1974, with more material from Bridge of Sighs, including the title cut and a raw, feverish take of "Little Bit of Sympathy," with the debut of "Althea," which would appear on For Earth Below. The second disc kicks off with another four-track Peel session with material from For Earth Below, including excellent high-energy versions of "Confessin' Midnight," "Gonna Be More Suspicious," the wildly funky "Fine Day," and the swaggering "It's Only Money." Tracks five through 14 offer a BBC Live in Concert performance from 1975 -- previously issued on LP. The live material -- with Lordan -- is taken from all three albums; it is looser, more spontaneous, and electrifying. Sound quality standards are not pristine, but these tapes have been cleaned more than sufficiently and provide very decent sound. The gig is of considerably higher quality due to the source tape. The set includes liner notes by Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock magazine, including an interview with the artist. For Trower's many enduring fans who know that he remains a relentlessly inventive musician rooted in electric blues and hard rock, At the BBC 1973-1975 is a treasure trove of goodies. For the uninitiated, this set provides an excellent introduction to the work of a bona fide guitar hero (whose 21st century material is worth investigating as well).

2011 two CD set, the most comprehensive collection to date of the British guitarist's recordings for the BBC. Includes tracks; from his first John Peel session in March 1973. Additionally, recordings for Bob Harris including such classics as 'Day Of The Eagle' and 'Alethea' are featured. This set is completed by a concert recorded for the BBC in January 1975, where he performs songs from his first three LPs, including breakthrough album Bridge Of Sighs and his then new album, For Earth Below. All tracks have been included for their historical importance, and to present a complete anthology of Robin Trower's BBC sessions from 1973-75. EMI.Record Collector (magazine) (p.97) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Vocalist/bassist James Dewar's powerful, bluesy voice is the perfect foil for Trower's formidable guitar skills...the band's funky chemistry impresses the most."

LAMES DEWAR - Bass & Vocals
REG ISIDORE - Drums(1973/4)
BILL LORDAN - Drums (1975)

JOHN PEEL SESSION (26th March 1973)
1-Twice Removed Fromyesterday
2-Man Of The World
4-Sinner's Song
BOB HARRIS SESSION (26th September 1973)
5-Day Of The Eagle
6-Little Bit Of Sympathy
7-Lady Love
BOB HARRIS SESSION (20th February 1974)
9-The Fool and Me
11-Too Rolling Stoned
12-I Can't Wait Much Longer
JOHN PEEL SESSION (5th March 1974)
13-Bridge Of Sghs
14-In This Place
16-Little Bit Of Sympathy

JOHN PEEL SESSION (28th January 1975)
1-Fine day
2-Confessin Midnight
3-It's Only money
4-Gomma Be More Suspicius
BBC IN CONCERT (29th January 1975)
5-day Of Yhe eagle
6-Bridge Of Sighs
7-Gonna Be More Suspicius
8-Fine Day
9-Lady Love
11-Too Rolling Stoned
12-I Can't Wait Much Longer
14-Little Bit Of Sympathy

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DVD - The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Invitation Only

Los Angeles,Febrero 2000

The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been around for almost 30 years, though most of us know little about them. Some will know they had a catchy song called Powerful Stuff on the Cocktail soundtrack, and others will know that Steve Ray Vaughan’s brother, Jimmy, was a founding member, but that would be about it. Here then is a chance to learn more, should you so choose.The band is best described as a piano-driven rock band that has it roots buried deep in traditional rock and roll, with heavy rockin’ blues with upbeat soul tinges. They may have begun life as more of a blues band, but rock and roll is where they are at these days. They are all talented musicians who play with great feel and technical skill.The lead vocalist, Kim Wilson, is the only original member, but the rest of the band have played together for years in one band or another. In case you’re wondering, Jimmy Vaughan left in 1989.This show was recorded in Los Angeles in February 2000, was broadcast on the 'net, and is also available on CD and DVD-A. The band rip through 13 numbers, all played with gusto. The band and audience are all obviously having a great time, and there are even people dancing down the front, really dancing and not just swaying from side to side.The show, as said, is slightly edited, just to tighten things up a little (removing gaps during guitar changes and before the encore, that sort of thing), and there is some good camera work and lots of close-ups of these talented musicians in full swing. There are no whiz bang pyrotechnics, dancing girls or huge video screens, but plenty of diversity of style, instrumentation and good old fashioned harmony singing.Fans of the band (wherever and whoever they are) will get a kick out of this DVD, and there are some great extras to boot. The Region 1 DVD is identical, save for the format, so this version provides great value all round.

Lead Singer

KID RAMOS - Ghitar

1-Wait On Time
2-My Babe
3-The Things I Used To Do
4-The Music Is On
5-I Can Tell
6-Look Watcha Done
7-Wrap It Up
8-Early Every Morning
9-She’s Tough
10-I Believe I’m In Love
11-People Will Be People
12-Tuff Enuff
13-Where Were You

Mike Onesko's Blinside Bules Band -To The Station


For To the Station, Mike Onesko assembled a hard rock soupergroup and set out to record a heavy blues power-trio album. Though much of the album comes across as slick AOR, not gritty downhome blues, there are moments when Onesko's throaty, impassioned vocals kick the record into high gear. During those times, you wonder why he didn't just make a striaght blues-rock album instead of diluting his music in an attempt to broaden his appeal with dated arena rock production.

MIKE ONESKO - Guitars and Voclas

1-To the Station
2-I'm Not Your Man
3-Take His Keys
5-Natural Thang
6-Worn Out Shoe
7-Fade Away
8-Get Outta My Way
9-Hurting Me
10-All I Need

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DVD - Julian Sas - DeLIVEred


Although only 31 years old, Julian Sas has already been favourably compared to such blues luminaries and guitar giants like Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix.
Over the last couple of years Julian Sas and his band have become a very popular live act, especially in the Benelux and Germany. Every show is the most important, almost a matter of life and death. Two hours of Rock, Blues and Boogie, commitment and dedication. No holding back. This Dvd set (and its CD counterpart) capture that essence of Julian Sas. Two hours of rock, boogie, blues, emotion, excitement and above all good, honest music played with verve.
This album is what the thousands of Julian Sas fans at his gigs have been asking for. It is 100% live and the track list includes all the Julian Sas classics and favourites from his catalogue of studio albums plus an exciting version of Jimi Hendrix' Hey Joe.

1 - Sugarcup Boogie
2 - Spellbound Woman
3 - Home Feeling
4 - Driftin' Boogie
5 - Mother Earth
6 - I Believe To My Soul
7 - A Light In The Dark
8 - Blues Lessons
9 - Make My Water
10 - Roll On

1 - When I Boogie
2 - Am I Loosing My Way
3 - Ragin' River
4 - Mean Old City
5 - I Wonder Who
6 - Hey Joe
7 - Blues For The Lost And Found
8 - Traveling Home
9 - Bullfrog Blues
10 - Boogie Jam

Monster Mike Welch - Just Like It Is


A great blues album from a great guitarist. To me this is one of the best blues cd in 2007 along with Otis Grand´s "Hipster blues". The opening track " She makes time " is an uptempo blues and it´s really great. The rest of the tracks is a mix of slow blues and funky blues. Sometimes you can feel the spirit of Peter Green in Mike´s playing. He also sings the best i have heard before.A mature cd for such a young guy.Mike is in good company ´with the likes of Anthony Clarke, Brad Hallen and Mark Teixeira wich backs him up perfectly.

Monster Mike Welch - Vocals,Guitar
Anthony Geraci - Piano,Organ
Brad Hallen - Bass
Mark Teixeira - Drums


01. She Makes Time
02. Please
03. My Baby Loves Me
04. Don't Expect Me to Cry
05. Keep on Walking
06. I'm Gonna Move to Another Country
07. Sticky Whisket
08. A Perfect World
09. Now That You're Gone
10. I'm Not a Stupid Man
11. Love That Burns
12. Move Along
13. I Got a Strange Feeling

Tab Benoit - Medicine (2011)


You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Tab Benoit’s amazing new Medicine, 100% pure musical snake-oil. A melodic potion that provides immediate and satisfying relief for all aches and pain. Benoit’s Medicine is a guaranteed cure for heartache. It’s the genuine article – this Medicine is for whatever ails you.Medicine, Benoit’s seventh solo release on Telarc International, a division of Concord Music Group, successfully joins two gifted guitarists/songwriters in a session that proves greater than the sum of its very talented parts. The 11-track recording features seven new Benoit originals co-written with ace songwriter Anders Osborne (his song “Watch the Wind Blow By” was recorded by Tim McGraw in 2002, hitting No. 1 on the country charts for two weeks and selling over three million albums, and Keb’ Mo’s 1999 GRAMMY®-winning album Slow Down, featured two songs he had co-written).“Anders and I have been friends for years, and we have a very comfortable relationship,” says Benoit, a GRAMMY®-nominated songwriter, as well as a guitarist and singer with a repertoire that ranges from swamp-pop classics to gritty blues and rootsy jams. “Songwriting needs to feel natural. It needs to flow easily. When he and I went out on the bayou, we came back with seven songs! Anders also played most of the rhythm parts on the album. He does a good job of not stepping on what I’m doing and making it fit the song.”In an unusual twist, Osborne (who also co-produced the album) uses B.B. King’s famous guitar “Lucille” on Medicine. “He played half the album on that guitar, basically anything that’s not slide guitar,” Benoit says.Medicine showcases a lean, energetic young band, and vibe-wise it’s hipper and groovier than anything Benoit has ever done before. The recording also spotlights the work of keyboardist Ivan Neville (son of Aaron Neville and nephew to members of the Neville Brothers), drummer Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Dave Matthews) and bassist Corey Duplechin (Chubby Carrier & Bayou Swamp Band). Fiddler/singer Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil makes a special appearance on three tracks.Medicine was recorded at Louisiana’s legendary Dockside Studio (B.B. King, Dr. John, Keb’ Mo’, Taj Mahal, Buckwheat Zydeco), located on a 12 acre estate in the heart of Cajun country on the banks of the Vermilion Bayou, and engineered by David Z (Prince, Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, Gov’t Mule). The award-winning music producer/engineer worked with Benoit on three earlier releases (Fever for the Bayou, Power of the Pontchartrain and Night Train to Nashville). “When David’s in the booth, I don’t have to worry,” says Benoit. “He’s always comfortable with the way I work. We have a lot of fun and like to joke around.”Medicine is more than another strong entry in Benoit’s increasingly impressive discography – it’s one of his most defining albums. “Magic happens when you least expect it,” says Benoit. “Most of the stuff here was played live – these are mostly first takes. When it came down to playing, we weren’t trying to structure things. We were open to the moment.”If music has the power to help relieve pain and suffering, then Tab Benoit’s Medicine might be just what the doctor ordered

TAB BENOIT - Guitar,Vocals
ANDRES OSBORNE - Guitar,Vocals
MICHAEL DOUCET - Feddle,Vocals


1. Medicin
2. Sunrise
3. A Whole Lotta Soul
4. Come And Get It
5. Broke And Lonely
6. Long Lonely Bayou
7. In It To Win It
8. Can't You See
9. Nothing Takes The Place Of You
10. Next To Me
11. Mudboat Melissa