martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

DVD - Robben Ford - In Concert,1993

In Concert
Ohne Filter,Recorded April 7th 1993

At least once in your life, you should hear guitarist Robben Ford play live. This DVD is the next best thing to being there. It captures a fantastic 1993 performance by Robben and the Blue Line (bassist Roscoe Beck and drummer Tom Brechtlein). Robben's diverse career has encompassed jazz, fusion, blues, modern blues, and blues-rock. The songs on display here come from his "ballsiest" blues and blues-rock period. Mind-bendingly great guitar solos populate this disc, and they range from scorching rockers to soulful tear-your-heart out blues. In the latter category, his version of "Worried Life Blues" is a particular standout. Run don't walk to get this DVD. And see Robben live if you have the chance. No two performances are the same and he's at his best live.

1 - The Brother
2 - You Cut Me to the Bone
3 - Worried Life Blues
4 - Start It Up
5 - Step on It
6 - Prison of Love
7 - Tell Me I'm Your Man
8 - Talk to Your Daughter

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