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Jack Bruce & Robin Trower - Seven Moons

Seven Moons

BLT and Truce (in the early 80's) had some good moments but they were essentially RT and JB acting as session musicians for eash others individual songs. Seven Moons is the real deal, delivered in glorious spades ! It is a complete synergy of two majestic talents, this time firing on all cylinders both musically and lyrically and delivering powerful, somtimes unusual and very memorable songs. I found the album required multiple listening to eventually reach fully into all the multi-layered facets of the songs. Then you realise what a fabulous achievement this is. The playing from all players ismore… stupendous and JB's vocals complement the style of songs perfectly. Wow does Gary Husband like his cymbals, but it works superbly. The title track is just brilliant with quirky lyrics and unusual chord sequences. There are no fillers, every song has its own special features. There's talk of some live work in the summer from this band, now that would be something worth seeing and more to the point.

1 Seven Moons
2 Lives of Clay
3 Distant Places of the Heart
4 She's Not the One
5 So Far to Yesterday
6 Just Another Day
7 Perfect Place
8 Last Door
9 Bad Case of Celebrity
10 Come to Me
11 I'm Home


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