jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

DVD - Les Paul - Live In New York


Les Paul – Live in New York is a concert DVD collection of Les’ final live performances, filmed at the Iridium in honor of his 90th birthday. With special guest performances and interviews with the likes of Steve Miller, Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Richards, and Bonnie Raitt, one only has to imagine how great this DVD is.Well, you really don’t have to imagine it, you can watch it. Such is the miracle of modern technology. This 120-minute DVD features a full complement of musical talent (over 21 songs are performed), and a bonus feature includes nine full songs of audio.What I really love about the DVD isn’t necessarily the music – though believe me when I tell you that the playing is phenomenal. No, what I really love the most are the interactions between Les and the other musicians, as well as Les and the audience. It’s very easy to see why everyone loved Les; a true musical genius and very gracious and larger-than-life personality. You can tell just by watching him perform that he absolutely loves guitar and music. He truly does say more with far fewer notes than the rest of us.You can also tell how much the audience loves and appreciates Les. Shots of the audience during the performances show an adoring crowd hanging on every word and note. Certainly, most of us could only wish for that.Fans of Les Paul will certainly appreciate this DVD, and so recommending it to them is a no-brainer. For the rest of the guitarists out there, however, who probably don’t know much about Les past the guitar named after him, I highly recommend picking this up. Not only will you see a true guitar master at work, but you’ll understand how it’s really about what you say and not how fast or distorted you say it. Even with crippling arthritis in his fingers he still manages to speak volumes with only a few simple note choices. We could only be so lucky as to have his talent, but we can certainly appreciate his contribution by watching him perform.

Steve Miller
Keith Richards
Bonnie Raitt
Tony Bennett

and more.....

How High the Moon (Les Paul)
Darktown Strutter’s Ball (John Colianni)
Limehouse Blues (David Grisman)
Tennessee Waltz (Les Paul)
Route 66 (Sonya Hensley)
Blue Moon (Tommy Emmanuel)
Happy Birthday, Lester (Nicki Parrott)
Sleepwalk (Les Paul)
Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home? (Lou Pallo & Les Paul)
My Problem is You (Jay Leonhart)
Unchain My Heart (Jose Feliciano)
Pork Chop Blues (Keith Richards)
Back Home in Indiana (Christian Howes)
Cherokee (Andrew Nemr)
You Can’t Take it With You Blues (Steve Miller)
Nature Boy (Steve Miller)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Les Paul Trio)

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  1. Thanks for this thoroughly enjoyable video! You just lightened up my week-end.