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CD - Jimmy Johnson & Luther Johnson Jr. - Ma Bea's Rock ( Vinyl)


Not to be confused with the other two Luther Johnsons ("Georgia Snake Boy" Johnson or "Houserocker" Johnson) "Guitar Jr" Johnson is a searing Electric Bluesman with a confident, energized style. Though he was born in Mississippi, Johnson's playing represents the essence of Chicago's West Side. His warm solos are filled with stark bends, distorted single-note leads and fuzzy power chords that drive rocking twelve-bar blues. His sound recalls primary influence Magic Sam, with whom he cut his teeth playing in the 1960s before moving on to work with Muddy Waters and the Nighthawks in the '70s. The past few decades have seen some great solo albums featuring his raw guitar and Gospel-influenced vocal style.Jimmy Johnson, a Chicago guitarist, released his first record when he was 50 years old. He made up for lost time by establishing himself as Chicago's premier blues musician. His guitar style was unique and unpredictable. The delivery of his vocals was well known,and he rose above all others.Jimmy Thompson was born into a family that was musically inclined in Holly Springs, Mississippi. He and his family moved to Chicago in 1950. Jimmy only played the guitar as a hobby for a long time. His brother Syl Johnson was the one who starred on the blues circuit. In 1959, Jimmy began to set up gigs with harpist Slim Willis. As time passed, Jimmy Thompson changed his last name to Johnson. He wanted to keep up with his brother Syl.Although it is not actually known, there was more cash in playing R&B in the 1960's, so Jimmy Johnson focused more on that aspect of his career for a while. He was the lead in polished house bands on the West and South sides. He led behind Otis Clay, Denise LaSalle, and Garland Green. He produced a few instrumental 45's on the side. Jimmy Johnson finally made his way back to his blues foundation in 1974 as the rhythm guitarist for Jimmy Dawkins. Johnson went on tours in Japan with Otis Clay in 1975.
Pretty good live club recording from 1975. Sound is a bit harsh and rough but that just adds to listening pleasure. This lp has been rereleased on cd with 6 extra tracks but I believe it's no longer available.

Jimmy Johnson - Vocal,Guitar
Andrew "Big Voice" Odom - Vocal
Jimmy Dawkins - Guitar
Sylvester Boines - Bass
Tyrone Centuray - Drums
Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson - Vocal,Guitar
Willie James Lyons - Guitar
Willie Kent - Bass
Tyrone Centuray - Drums

1. So Many Roads
2. Crosscut Saw
3. Ma Bea's Rock
4. Feel So Bad
5. I Believe My Time Ain't Long
6. All Your Love
7. You Gotta Have Soul
8. My Own Fault

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