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DVD - Wishbone Ash - Almighty Blues,London & Beyond (2003) and Bristol (1989)


This is a 2 DVD set. Disc 1 shows concert footage from 3 concerts in 2003 - London, Liverpool & Lichtenvoord. Between songs there are brief interviews with band members which portray the band in a great light - an ordinary bunch of blokes who love what they do. Overall the sound quality is excellent and the video footage from one of the concerts (London I think) is very high quality, from the outdoor one in Holland it is OK and from the Liverpool one it is poor and in black and white. If they stuck with the high quality one this would get 5 stars but the problem with this disc is that every few seconds during the songs the camera jumps not only from different angles but from concert to concert which is extremely irritating and perhaps epilepsy inducing. This means that the disc is better to listen to than watch.
Disc 2 is shorter and shows footage from a live concert in Bristol 1989. Good performance with different band members but the sound and video quality (although acceptable) is not as good as disc 1, however the camera work is much better and you don't have to put up with rapidly changing perspectives.

Ben Granfelt - Lead Guitar
Bob Skeat - Bass Guitar
Ray Weston - Drums
Andy Powell - Vocals

DVD1 - Almighty Blues: London & Beyond,2003

1. Almighty Blues
2. Warrior
3. Underground
4. Standing in the Rain
5. Faith, Hope and Love
6. Changing Tracks
7. On Your Own
8. Throw Down the Sword
9. Come Rain Come Shine
10. Ancient Remedy
11. Time Was
12. Jailbait

DVD2 - Ash From the Vaults: Live in Bristol,1989

1. Real Guitars Have Wings
2. The King Will Come
3. Cosmic Jazz
4. Keeper of the Light
5. Why Don't We?
6. Blowin' Free
7. Medley: Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Sometime World, Phoenix, Jailbait

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