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CD - Julian Sas - Where Will It End?

WHERE Will It End?

Early Julian Sas, 1996. From the time they rehearsed little, but played a lot. Julian slowely became appreciated as the Dutch equivalent of Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher. The first album was financed in a swap deal for studio time in Germany. Unfortunately nobody properly instructed the studio and the band had to improvise with engineer Tommy Korge as the designated producer went home. Manager Ed Bos made sure the tapoes turned out OK and started shopping the next day, thus laying a solid foundation for the reputation of the Dutch boogie king...

Julian Sas - Vocals,Guitars
Pierre 'Boogiemachine' de Haard - Drums
Phil Poffé - Bass

1-Turpentine Moan
2-Honey Babe
3-Make Up Your Mind
5-Trying to Do Right
6-Travelling Home
7-Home Feeling
8-Voodoo Love
9-I Don't Know
10-Stranger Blues
11-Serves Me Right to Suffer

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