domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

DVD - The Marshall Tucker Band - LIVE From The Garden State,1981

LIVE From The Garden State,1981

The Marshall Tucker Band celebrates the release of its first full-length concert on DVD with Live From The Garden State 1981 from their legendary 1981 MTV concert. MTB's homemade blend of rock, country and jazz featured the band's acclaimed songwriter and guitarist, Toy Caldwell. The band found enormous success during the 1970s, with most of their albums going gold. This DVD features the original lineup—with the exception of Tommy Caldwell, who died the year before—performing the best material from their classic period. It's an essential release!

1-Take The Highway
2-Heard It In A Love Song
3-Tell The Blues To Take Off The Night
4-It Takes Time
5-Special Someone
6-Rumors Are Raging
7-Bob Away My Blues
8-ire On The Mountain
9-Something's Missing In My Life
10-The Time Has Come
12-Can't You See
13-This Ol' Cowboy
14-Searchin' For A Rainbow
15-Blue Ridge Mountain Sky ...

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