jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

CD - Buddy Guy - The Very Best Of


Sony/Legacy's 2009 PLAYLIST gathers highlights from Buddy Guy's comeback of the '90s, opening with his career-redefining "Damn Right I've Got the Blues" and then running through 11 other selections from his Silvertone recordings, including a duet with Eric Clapton on "Every Time I Sing the Blues" and a live version of "First Time I Met the Blues." Buddy didn't quite have hits during this period but he did have a stable of concert favorites, many of which -- like "Mustang Sally," "She's Nineteen Years Old," and "Feels Like Rain" -- make it here. This doesn't dig quite as deep as it could, but that's the nature of a sampler like this: it's designed to give a taste, and that's what this does, and it's a good taste of latter-day Buddy to boo

1-Damn Right I Got The Blues
3-Mustang Sally
4-She's Nineteen Years Old
5-Midnight Train
6-Somebody's Sleepin' In My Bed
7-Feels Like Rain
8-First Time I Met The Blues
9-Someone Else Is Steppin' In
10-Mary Ann
11-Every time I Sing The Blues
12-In Need You Tonight
13-My Time After A While

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