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CD - Louis Myers - I'm Southern Man (Vinyl)


Despite his vaunted reputation as a versatile standout on the Windy City circuit, Louis Myers seldom recorded as a leader. This is the best set he did as a front man; cut in 1978, it was ironically recorded in Hollywood. Fellow ex-Little Walter sideman Freddy Robinson shared guitar duties with Myers (who also played harp) on a well-produced set strong on tradition but with one eye cocked toward contemporary developments (witness Myers's stylish diatribe on "Women's Lib")

Louis Myers - Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Tony Matthews - Gutar
Freddy Robinson - Guitar
Larry Taylor - Bass
Dennis Walker - Bass
Nathaniel Dov - Piano
Buster B. Jones - Drums
David Li - Sax (Tenor)
Charles Garnett - Trumpet

1 - I' A Southern Man
2 - Short Haired Woman
3 - Woman's Lib
4 - Just Woke Up
5 - Woman trouble
6 - Hello Stranger
7 - Southbound Blues
8 - All My Love In Vain
9 - Kind Hearted Woman
10 - Old Black Mattie

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