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CD - Julian Sas - Twilight Skies Of Life


Julian Sas steps into 2005 with a brand-new album, a brand-new band and a brand-new sound. “Twilight Skies Of Life” is Julian’s sixth studio album and a giant leap forward for the axe-man from the Dutch Delta, the ‘Land van Maas en Waal’, that part of the lowlands where rivers Maas and Waal (a branch of the Rhine) are trying to emulate their big sister Mississippi. Julian spent four weeks on “Twilight” in the studio with producer Jos Haagmans, who is best known for his work with multi-platinum Dutch-language bards Boudewijn de Groot and Frank Boeijen.“My guitar always knows best what to do anyway,” says Julian Sas, “but this is the first time I’ve been able to focus on being a singer”. In the meantime the sound of the new album got heavier, muddier, fuller.

Julian Sas - Vocals,Guitar
Tenny Tahamata - Bass
Pieter van Bogaert - Hammond Organ and Piano
Pierre de Haard - Drums
Special guest: Martin Verdonk - Percussion

1-Helping Hand
2-Freedom Bound
3-I'm Still Crying
4-The One To Blame
5-That's Enough For Me
6-Lost Again
7-Lookin For A Friend
8-It Ain't Easy
9-Devil Got My Number
10-Think About It
11-That's Enough For Me (Radio Version)

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