lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

DVD - Julian Sas - Wandering Between Worlds


Live on stage, that’s where Europe’s premiere blues-guitarist Julian Sas is at his very best. Loud and aggressive but equally sensitive and intense. Live this bluesman to the backbone is always an event. His guitar playing is full of passion and spectacular. His voice soulful. The rhythm section, Tenny Tahamata on bass and Rob Heijne on drums, is solid, swinging and pushing Sas to great heights.Hailing from the small town of Beneden Leeuwen in the Netherlands, Julian Sas (29/5/1970) has become an established and well respected name in the Blues-World. Many consider him to be one of the top guitar-players in Europe. Arguably his career started at the tender age of five, when Julian got his first (plastic) guitar. However music became a much more serious affair when the twelve years old Sas got his first real guitar from his parents; an Ibanez Les Paul.Julian joined different bands but it still took a few years before music really hit home and became a passion. That happened when, as a sixteen year old, a friend of his father introduced him to the Blues and the music of Rory Gallagher, still one of his heroes. Since Sas has performed several times with the members of Gallagher’s former band and also headlined the annual Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland, Rory’s place of birth. The first Julian Sas Band was formed in the mid-nineties with Julian Sas, vocals and guitar, Phil Poffe on bass and Pierre de Haard on drums. Poffe was replaced in 2001 by Tenny Tahamata (17/9/1963), who was a member of Half Past Midnight, a band that acted as Curtis Knight’s backing band for 3 years ( till he passed away).Tenny has been the bass-man ever since. In 2005 Pierre left the band and Rob Heijne (19/4/1967) from the Ruben Hoeke Band was recruited to replace him. ‘Wandering Between Worlds’ is the first DVD (and the first live CD) on which Heijne can be heard.The DVD ‘Wandering Between Worlds’ and the, separately available, 2CD set ‘Wandering Between Worlds’ feature a registration of the show that Julian Sas and his comrades performed for a frantically enthusiastic audience at De Boerderij, a large venue in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The best Julian Sas gig ever, according to connoisseurs. This, almost 2 hours long, recording includes, highlights from Julian Sas’ repertoire as well as 4 brand-new songs.The bonus CD included in the DVD release only, features newly recorded acoustic versions of Julian Sas classics and one brand-new song, which bring the total number of new songs included in the (DVD) set up to five. For a long time fans have been asking for acoustic versions of Julian Sas classics. So here it is.

Julian Sas - Guitar, Vocals
Tenny Tahamata - Bassguitar
Rob Heijne - Drums


2-Funky News
3-Ain't No Change
4-Sailin' Into The Unknown
5-Turpentine Moan
6-Burnin' Soul
7-The Way It Goes
8-Can't Settle Down
9-Sugarcup Boogie
10-Blues For J
11-I Take What I Want
12-The Devil Got My Number
13-This time, My Time
14-Boogie All Around

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