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DVD - Wishbone Ash - Live Dates 3 - 30th Anniversary Concert

Shepherd's Bush Empire
London 22 April,2000

So, "who or what is a Wishbone Ash?", I hear you ask. Wishbone Ash are a legendary English blues band renowned for their twin guitar sound (also known as harmony guitars). The name Wishbone Ash came about when they were looking for a name that wouldn’t categorise them. They ended up with two lists, Wishbone on one and Ash on the other, they combined the two and the rest is history. It could have been much worse, they could have been called Jesus Duck.From the release of their first album in 1970 until today, the line up of the band may have changed but they maintain their very distinctive sound. During the sixties when they formed, bands had to have an individual sound. Combining their influences including The Who, BB King and Led Zeppelin, that distinctive sound was found. Scoring their first record deal after being recommended by Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and honing their sound in Paris, they returned to London to try and crack the British market. Here the history lesson endeth.This concert is a celebration of thirty years of good rock and roll. Filmed at the Shepherds Bush Empire on April 22nd 2000 in front of die-hard fans, this is one fine performance. Running for 96:09 and covering songs from the seventies through to the nineties with the current lineup and several special guests. Original member Andy Powell, who was voted amongst the top 20 guitarists of all time in Rolling Stone magazine is awesome. His harmonic guitar partner Mark Birch is also impressive, as are the rest of the band and guests.

Andy Powell - Guitars,Vocals
Marcos Abedul - Guitars,Vocals
Bob Skeat - Bass,Vocals
Ray Weston - Drums

Invitados especiales:

Paul Moran
Glen LeFleur
Mick Parker
Lewis Gibson
Giles Hedley
Aynsley Powell


1-Real Guitars Have Wings
2-The King Will Come
4-Ballad of the Beacon
5-Errors of My Way
6-No Joke
7-Strange Affair
8-Living Proof
9-Blowin’ Free
11-Come In From the Rain
12-Hard Times

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