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DVD - Deep Sea Blues (Film)

A Robert Mugge Film abaut....

When most music fans think about seeing a blues show, they imagine a smoke-filled nightclub in a rough neighborhood, not a luxurious ocean liner sailing to the Caribbean or vacation spots in the Pacific. But since 1992, Roger Naber has been booking and producing "the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise," a series of vacation packages in which blues fans can enjoy an ocean voyage along with live entertainment from world-renowned blues, R&B and zydeco artists. While offering fine music in a beautiful setting, the "Blues Cruises" have also given artists the opportunity to interact with their fans in a way they can't when playing clubs or theaters (comparing notes and sometimes jamming with them after hours), and allows listeners to get to know one another, striking up friendships among like-minded listeners. Documentary filmmaker Robert Mugge, well known for his cinematic portraits of respected musicians, offers fans a look at the "Blues Cruise" phenomenon with the movie DEEP SEA BLUES, which chronicles a 2006 cruise featuring performances from Bobby Rush, Taj Mahal, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Otis Clay, Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials, Buckwheat Zydeco, Tab Benoit,Watermelon Slim and many more.

Fabulous Thunderbirds
Mitch Woods
Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials
Tommy Castro Band
Kim Wilson
Watermelon Slim Band
Tab Benoit
Michael Burks Blues Band
and more......

01. Tab Benoit - We Make A Good Gumbo
02. Bobby Rush, Deanna Bogart Band - Ride My Automobile
03. Michael Burks Blues Band - As The Years Go By
04. Earl Thomas, Michael Rasmussen - Maybe in The Next Life
05. Leon Blue - Piano Improvisation
06. Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials - Icicles In My Meatloaf
07. Commander Cody Band - Seeds and Stems Again
08. Tasha Taylor, Phantom Blues Band - Wonder Woman
09. Joey Gilmore Blues Band - Bit Off More Than I Could Chew
10. Otis Clay - A Nickel And A Nail
11. Otis Clay - I Am
12. Watermelon Slim Band - Black Water
13. Buckwheat Zydeco Band - Jackpot
14. Mitch Woods' Big Easy Boogie - Hattie Green
15. Kim Wilson - Lonesome Boogie
16. Fabulous Thunderbirds - Painted On
17. Ruthie Foster Band - Travelin' Shoes
18. Tommy Castro Band - Nasty Habits
19. Ronnie Baker Brooks, Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue
20. Mel Waiters - Smooth Sailin Tonight

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