domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

CD - Juniors Wells - Better Off With The Blues


Wells sings with a salty edge and clarity that are convincing and engaging, and he maintains his good humor even when saddled with less than first-rate material. He provides winning renditions of Ray Charles' "The Train," Merle Haggard's "Today I Started Loving You Again" and Jimmy Reed's "Honest I Do," plus a good reworking of his own "Messin' With The Kid" and "Goin' Home." But the song that tears the house down is "Oh, Pretty Woman," featuring flashy, exciting guitar from Rico McFarland and Wells' swirling harmonica adding secondary fire. Indeed, Wells' harp playing's another bonus; it's focused and aggressive here. This is pretty good for a 1990s session.

Steve McCray - Drums
Rico McFarland - Guitar
Noel Neal - Bass
Jacquelyn Reddick - Vocals(Background)
David Stahlberg - Trombone
Steve Finckle - Sax(Tenor)
Brian Jones - Drums
Jack Cassidy - Trumpet,Horn Arrangements
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass
Jacqueline Johnson - Vocals(Background)
Paul Cotton - Percussion
Buddy Guy - Guitar
Lucky Peterson - Guitar,Organ (Hammond),Piano
Junior Wells - Harmonica,Vocals

1. Cry For Me Baby
2. Do a Little Something For Yourself
3. Oh, Pretty Woman
4. Goin' Home
5. Waitin' on Ice
6. Better Off With the Blues
7. Train, The
8. Today I Started Loving You Again
9. Honest I Do
10. Messin' With the Kid

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