viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

DVD - Andy Timmons - Official Live Bootleg (1991-1998)


At long last the Andy Timmons' Official Live Bootleg (1991-1998) DVD is now available. This concert DVD release contains eight killer live performances including "Cry For You", "Electric Gypsy", "I Remember Stevie", and "Down To The Wire". This is the first commercially available video that gives insight to Andy's incredible technique and live energy. Timmons blazes from beginning to end on this mostly instrumental show. Andy has been consistently voted a "Top 20 Favorite Guitarist" in most of Japan's rock music magazine's reader polls, as well as being voted "Musician of the Year" four years in a row in the acclaimed Dallas Observer Music Awards.

1-Cry For You" (Japan 1998)
2-Carpe Diem" (Dallas 1997)
3-Electric Gypsy" (Dallas 1997)
4-I Remember Stevie" (Dallas 1997)
5-Sometimes I" (Dallas 1997)
6-Wishing Well" (Dallas 1997)
7-Down To The Wire" (featuring Reb Beach, Dallas 1997)
8-Cry For You" (overdub session from original ear X-tacy sessions 1991)
Music DVD,40 minutes

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