domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

CD -The Sean Carney Band - Life of Ease


6 tracks, 69 minutes - highly recommended. Let's get sraight to the point; if blues is what you listen to and enjoy and you don't have Life Of Ease by The Sean Carney Band in your collection, you might as well consider that collection incomplete - end of discussion. Few discs manage to traverse old-school R&B, contemporary blues, jump, and swing as comfortably as this does. Carney has all the tools necessary to make strong musical statements at his disposal and it's proven in spades from beginning to end. Whether laying down West Coast grooves as displayed on the title track, high velocity shuffles like Why Do You Lie, or bristling Chicago blues recalling the work of masters like Otis Rush or Magic Sam in West Side Baby, Carney offers up a virtual history lesson as both a stellar guitarist and a gripping vocalist. Special guests include Willie Pooch, Teeny Tucker, "King Saxe" Gene Walker, and the late Joe Weaver, along with many more adding formidable talents to a band already brimming with panache and taste. With well-chosen covers like T-Bone Walker's I Know Your Wig Is Gone, Louis Jordan's Outskirts Of Town, or Pee Wee Crayton's When It Rains It Pours, mixed with solid originals, The Sean Carney Band makes things happen. Here's hoping this outfit hustles back to the studio for a quick follow-up. Truly gripping and entertaining.

1. Life of Ease
2. Why Do You Lie
3. All These Worries
4. Bad Side Baby
5. I've Got a Gypsie Woman
6. Pennies & Teardrops
7. Outskirts of Town
8. Tramp!
9. I Live Alone
10. Farmboy
11. I Know Your Wig Is Gone
12. That Man
13. When It Rains It Pours
14. Bad Side Baby
15. Why Do You Lie
16. Take off Your Shoes

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