viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

CD - B.B & The Blues Shacks - Midnite Diner


This album is pure fun. The hot and spicey musical gumbo is very tasteful and enteitaining, bringing you mostly originals. Their source is afro-american music from the fifties. They dig Lousiana swamp blues, urban Chicago westside style, and r&b alike. The sound of the recording is superb, powerful and anything but slick. Jerry Hall flew in from Los Angeles. He was the man at the board. The producing part was taken over by Marc Thyijs of international fame. He was a member of the popular Electric Kings from Begium, and has an album out under his own name.
B.B. & The Blues Shack are a powerful and dynamic young band, playing more than 120 shows a year, all over Europe. If your not familiar with them, check them out! They are on top of Europe traditional blues league!


1. Intro
2. Take a chance
3. Oh little girl
4. Five to twelve Blues
5. Strange kind of feeling
6. Till I made up my mind
7. Rob my soul
8. Tempo twist
9. You better don't wanna know
10. Whole lotta love
11. Moonshine Blues
12. If you want me to love you
13. Your cash ain't nothing but trash
14. I'm gonna miss you (like the devil)
15. Midnight diner
16. One more drink
17. Outro

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