jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

CD - Muddy Waters - Deep Down In The Blues


Deep Down in the Blues is yet another repackaging of some of the better parts of Muddy Waters' 1976-1981 stay on Johnny Winter's Blue Sky label, from "I Can't Be Satisfied" through "I Feel Like Going Home." The selection features a number of inspired songs, including "Mean Old Frisco" and "Screamin' and Cryin'," and touches such obvious bases as "Mannish Boy." There are no notes and no surprises, other than the use of state-of-the-art masters and the low price of this ten-song CD, which, thanks to the inclusion of the ten-minute "Deep Down in Florida" (with its killer guitar solos), still manages to clock in at nearly 50 minutes. For the neophyte on a limited budget who needs convincing of the worth of Waters' late-era sides, or just someone looking for solid Chicago blues at a low price, this is a good CD to start with.

1-I'm Ready
2-Rock Me
3-I Can't Be Satisfied
4-Mean Old Frisco Blues
5-Deep Down in Florida
6-Mannish Boy
7-Screamin' and Cryin'
8-I Feel Like Going Home
9-Jealous Hearted Man
10-Too Young To Know

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