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CD - Tutu Jones - Live

LIVE (2005)

Some singers get soulful. Others get down and dirty. And that's all well and good but it doesn't touch what Tutu Jones does with a song. Tutu testifies. Every note of every song is a passionate and intensely personal declaration. He just can't help it. The maximum effort approach has always been his musical method and as long the fans keep screaming out their approval he's going to keep with the program. The Dallas-based blues veteran, whose extensive music business background includes work with everyone from R.L. Burnside to Z.Z. Hill, has an impressive catalog of studio recordings. But this is the first recording of his electrifying live show and it's a dynamic documentation of a fiery Texas original caught in full incendiary action. Tutu's untamed Texas guitar work, a lineal descendant of family friend Freddie King's explosive style, is the perfect partner for his evocative vocals. And that's what is front and center on this live recording. There is no after-the-fact sonic sweetening, no guest stars and no nonsense; just Tutu tesitfying with a relentless set of rockin' R&B and blistering blues. What results is nothing less than a Texas blues master at the height of his powers, doing what he does best where he does it the best---in front of a live audience. A vintage, low-fi, high impact bonus track takes things even deeper as if offers a raw slice of Tutu tearing it up on his home Texas turf, ripping and roaring through "The Sky Is Crying" in a fervent blues testimonial.

Tutu Jones - Vocals,Guitar
Ronnie Bramhall - Hammond b-3 Organ
Pam Williams - Keyboards
Wes Stephenson,Johnnie Woods - Bass,Guitar
David Burns , Don Landry - Drums


1-Sunday Morning Love
2-Goin' Down
3-Have You Ever Loved a Woman
4-Sweet Woman
5-The Milkman Game
6-My Girl Tutu Jones MY GIRL Lyrics
7-Shake What Your Mama Gave You
8-Little Blue Bird
9-Teenie Weenie
10-The Sky is Crying

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