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DVD - Otis Rush - Live Part 1 (1999)

DVD - OTIS RUSH -Live Part 1

Recorded December 26th, 1999 at Broadway Studios, San Francisco, California

The concert

It opens with Mel London's 'I Wonder Why', an instrumental Rush had covered on his 1976 album, 'Right Place, Wrong Time', among others. The band makes their way into the heartening blues melody as Otis strolls onstage, holding his customary cherry red Gibson ES 335. Bob Levis, a fine blues picker himself, does the intro soloing on his Les Paul. Levis then settles into the background as the left-handed picker takes the reigns. Though he's a bit more cautious and refined than in the past, his sweet signature sound is still there, a sound as distinct to any electric blues fan as that of B.B. King or Buddy Guy. The aging bluesman still has the ability to get the crowd going as well.
As I mentioned, the sound is rich and full. The horn section of Willie Henderson (baritone sax), Carl Weathersby (tenor sax), Willie Woods (trombone), and Marvin McFadden (trumpet), known for their work with Huey Lewis and the News, augments the fullness that can be heard on a good surround system. The fine keyboard playing of Marty Sammon is highlighted throughout as well. This is displayed nicely in the next tune, a cover of 'All Your Love (I Miss Loving)'. Lonely Fuller Jr. is on bass and Lester Jordan is the drummer.
The band goes into a semi-slow 'It's My Own Fault'. Rush sings and solos splendidly throughout this nine-minute piece. In fact, though only six songs make up the DVD, each is fairly long, and packed with extraordinary solos and jams one might expect from a blues show featuring a guitarist of Rush's caliber.
The world doesn't really need another cover of 'I Got My Mojo Working', but this version really rocks the joint, and is a tasteful display of the band's musicianship and muscle. Sit-in guitarist, Bobby Murray, adds diversity with his snakeskin colored Strat. The three guitarists take turns soloing, adding a toneful blend of ES-335, Les Paul, and Stratocaster.
Added to the DVD is an assortment of short interviews with the good-natured Rush. He talks of growing up in Mississippi, being a left-handed guitarist, his influences, seeing Muddy Waters, working with Willie Dixon, writing songs, and more.
Not only is the sound quality excellent, but the video is too. After all, it is a DVD, so I can't leave out the sight feature. The best ones have excellent audio and video.
There's an interesting thing about BluesExpress.Com on the DVD. Blues fans should have a look, a look at the online site as well.

The Songs

I Wonder Why
All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
It's My Own Fault
I Can't Quit You Baby
I Got My Mojo Working

The Band

Otis Rush: lead guitar and vocals
Bob Levis: guitar
Marty Sammon: keyboards
Lonely Fuller Jr: bass
Lester Jordan:drums
Willie Henderson: baritone sax
Carl Weathersby: tenor sax
Willie Woods: trombone
Marvin McFadden: trumpet

Bajar Show(DVDRIP/AVI/1 Link):

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