martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Tommy McCoy & Lucky Peterson - Lay My Demons Down

Lay My Demons Down

Vocalist-Guitarist Tommy McCoy; the dyed-in-the-wool Blues-Rock musician, and Lucky Peterson, Hammond B3 organ player extraordinaire, take the Blues to another level. For the record they have captured the virtuosity, intensity, and excitement that they habitually bring to stages all over the world. "Lay My Demons Down" will most certainly become a favorite of Blues fans everywhere.

1. Blues Thing
2. Bitter Soul to Heal
3. They Killed That Man
4. Lay My Demons Down
5. A Man Who Cried
6. Ludella - Tommy McCoy, Lane, Jimmy Rogers
7. I Hate to Wait
8. Bricks in My Pillow - Tommy McCoy, McCoy, Robert Lee A
9. Stay in F.L.A.
10. When Your Heart Can Feel the Blues
11. Crying Won't Help You - Tommy McCoy, Tampa Red
12. Follow the Rules
13. Black Cat Bone - Tommy McCoy, Wilson, Hop
14. The Other Side
15. 56' Chevy [Instrumental]

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