martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

DVD - Chris Duarte - Staring at the Sun,2009

Staring At The Sun,2009

For all fans of Chris Duarte, one of the world's greatest guitarists! STARING AT THE SUN, a 2-hour dvd compilation of live concert performances, spans Chris Duarte's career from 1989 to 2009 and shows what an incredibly diverse and creative player he has always been. This is a factory-pressed, limited edition, soon to be out of print dvd that includes super-duper covers like "Drivin' South", "Screenwriter's Blues", "People Say" and CDG classics such as "Catch The Next Line", "Tailspin Headwhack", "Watch Out" and much more (with surprises along the way). STARING AT THE SUN is comprised of material sent in from fans all around the world and is a testament to the dedicated tapers and roadtrippers who have recorded the Chris Duarte Group over the years.

Drivin’ South
Catch The Next Line
Japan Blues Summit
My Way Down
Tailspin Headwhack
I’Ve Been Abused
Cleopatra – Like Eric
Free 4 Me
Peple Say
Watch Out
Screenwriter’s Blues

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