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Danny Gatton - 88 Elmira ST.

Danny Gatton
88 Elmira ST.

After years of knocking around the Washington, D.C.-area circuit, local guitar legend Danny Gatton finally got to cut his first album for a major label. It was indeed worth the wait, spot-welding blinding speed and immaculate chops that went in a million different directions (jazz, country, rockabilly, blues, you name it) to a musical sensibility that made this all-instrumental album a whole lot more than just yer average fretboard wanking jam-fest. Gatton's Telecaster really shines on diverse material ranging from Martin Denny's "Quiet Village" to the roadhouse shuffle "Funky Mama" to the off-the-wall rendition of the theme to The Simpsons. Kudos to Elektra for having the corporate balls to put this out; short, chunky, and middle-aged, Danny Gatton was a bona fide guitar hero for the '90s, putting the lie to the hard canard that only speedburner metal mega-hair dudes can make the front covers of the guitar mags.

1 Funky Mama
2 Elmira St. Boogie
3 Blues Newburg
4 Quiet Village
5 Red Label
6 In My Room
7 The Simpsons
8 Muthaship
9 Pretty Blue
10 Fandingus
11 Slidin' Home Gatton


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