jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Hubert Sumlin - Me Guitar and Me

My Guitar and Me

Sumlin's exceptionally low-key vocals and unexceptional backing by two-thirds of the Aces, pianist Willie Mabon, and rhythm guitarist Lonnie Brooks render this 1975 session pretty disposable overall. Sumlin cops plenty of solo space, but there's too little of the unrepdictable fire that greatly distinguished his work with Howlin' Wolf.

1 Happy With My French Friends
2 Broke and Hungry
3 Ill Be Home On Thuesday
4 Give the Name Jacquot
5 My Guitar and Me
6 Groove
7 Easy, Hubert, Easy
8 Don't Forget
9 The Last Boogie
10 I Wonder Why
11 Boogin' All Alone
12 Jerking In Paris
13 I'll Be Home on Tuesday*Take
14 Grove*Take


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