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Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band - Live


Danny Bryant's Redeyeband started in 1999, the present line up comprises of Danny Bryant - lead guitar/vocals/songwriter, Ken Bryant [his father] bass and Trevor Barr on drums, Ken's solid bass playing meshes perfectly with Trevor to make a tight driving rhythm section. The band are a power house trio led by one of the UK's leading guitar players in his field who has an astounding way of getting more and more out of his guitar, taking his playing to another level at every show! Danny's singing perfectly compliments his guitar playing, whether he is belting out a raw blues/rock number, or a subtler rendition, his voice as much as his guitar playing is now his well-known trademark. As Danny has matured, so has his song writing, and by the age of 26 he has already written many superb songs, from gutsy guitar driven rockers to beautiful hauntingly sung ballads, his songs are so popular that other bands now cover them regularly and at shows he is besieged by people requesting their favorite Danny Bryant numbers.
Having demonstrated an increasing maturity within his music a year ago with 'Days Like This' Danny Bryant has followed up with a stunner! This new Live CD is exactly what his huge army of fans have been seeking - an opportunity to relive the moment, the spontaneity, the very atmosphere of a Red Eye Band gig. Danny Bryant always gives his absolute ALL on stage and this CD captures the energy beautifully. Throughout the experience, Danny reigns supreme.
There are some familiar compositions here from Danny's extensive career as a songwriter. And a few covers are given notable Bryant treatment too. Result? A supreme success.
This young man's hard work and dedication are beginning to pay off; endorsed by Marshall amplification and with a new record company in support, it seems that he is finally achieving the success he so richly deserves. Share the experience. Buy this album. It's hot, hot hot!

"This CD is certainly an early contender for the best of 2007 and we are only in the first month of the year. Other artists will be hard pressed to do better. On this, their fifth CD, the band is on a new label, Rounder Europe. Hopefully, this will result in better distribution of the CD. I can’t think of a band more deserving of wider recognition. Highly recommended and well worth your money." Al Kaplan Bluesrockers ws

1. Heartbreaker
2. Slow Blues/Sweet Little ANgel
3. Hideaway/Bring Your Fine Self Home
4. Girl From The North Country
5. Play To Win, Born To Lose
6. Last Man Standing
7. This Is The Blues
8. Always With Me
9. Good Time Woman


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