domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Bernard Allison - Triple Fret

Bernard Allison,Larry McCray,Carl Weathersby
Special Guest: Lucky Peterson

As the title and cover art suggests, Triple Fret is a player's album. Although Bernard Allison gets star billing (and does all the vocals), this is a trio record, with fellow electric blues guitarists Larry McCray and Carl Weathersby contributing as much guitar firepower as Allison. Even better, second-generation Hammond organ legend Lucky Peterson guests, adding some welcome musical variety to the otherwise fret-heavy selection and getting his own showcase, the smoking seven-minute instrumental workout "Where's Lucky?" That leaves the songwriting as the only weak spot, but unfortunately, it's pretty seriously weak. Most of the songs on Triple Fret are hackneyed Chicago blues riffs with self-referential lyrics about how hard it is to be a bluesman. Tune out the lyrics and the undistinguished chord changes and the sheer enjoyment of the trio's playing comes through. For some, however, that might not be quite enough.

Bernard Allison - Vocals,Guitar
Larry McCray - Vocals,Guitar
Carl Weathersby - Vocals,Guitar
John Colby - Piano, Rhodes,Clavine
Lucky Peterson - Organ
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass
Steve McCray - Drums

1. Bottle of Whiskey
2. Bluesman
3. Get Drunk and Pop the Trunk
4. Don't Tie Me Down
5. I'm Praying For You
6. Where's Lucky
7. Good to Me
8. Ain't Nothing But the Truth
9. Take It Slow

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