viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Lonnie Broocks - Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago

The French Black & Blue label was savvy enough to spirit Brooks into a studio when he was touring the continent in 1975 as part of Chicago Blues Festival '75. As befits the jam-session ambience of the date (pianist Willie Mabon, harpist Mack Simmons, and two-thirds of the Aces are on hand), hoary standards predominate: "Crosscut Saw," "Things I Used to Do," "Mama Talk to Your Daughter," and the ubiquitous title track (which remains a signature song). The omnipresent "The Train and the Horse" returns as well.

1 Sweet Home Chicago
2 Two Guitars Shuffle Brooks
3 Crosscut Saw Ford, Ford, McLennan
4 Reconsider Baby Fulson, Malone, Scott
5 Things I Used to Do Jones
6 The Train and the Horse Brooks
7 Crazy About You Baby Brooks, Williamson
8 Big Leg Woman Temple, Temple
9 Mama Talk to Your Daughter Lenoir
10 Woke up This Morning King

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