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DVD - Luther Allison - Live in Paradise

Live in Paradise
Recorded Live at Theatre St Gilles
on La Reunion Island,in the Indian Ocean
in Abril 1997

Luther Allison (1939 - 1997), the often prize-winning Blues Star, convinced with his immense energy, combined with his passionate guitarattacks and was loved in the same way by the Blues- and Rockfans.
"The DVD celebrates the blues mastery of the late Luther Allison. Live in Paradise, recorded in April 1997 at the Theater St. Gilles on La Reunion, captures Allison just two weeks before he won a Handy award for Blues Entertainer of the year and three months before he was diagnosed with cancer.
The visual quality is superb, and the sound production is so clear you can hear every word....
After attending a Luther Allison show, I always wished I could see the experience over and over. Live in Paradise is the ultimate celebration of the power of Allison's message to the world."

I'm Back
Living in the House of Blues
You Don't Know
Bad Love
It's Is a Blues Thing
Move from the Hood
Watching You (Cherry Red Wine)
Pain in the Streets
Will I Ever Change
There Comes a Time
Just as I Am
Parking Lot
Low Down and Dirty
Sky Is Crying
... If I Were You
You Can't Always Get What You Want
You Are So Beautiful



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