martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Johnny Winter - Hey,Where's Your Brother?


Maybe it's because they look almost exactly alike--and it's a look you're not likely to forget--but more than any other pair of brothers in rock & roll, Johnny and Edgar Winter will always be thought of as a duo, despite the fact that they really don't play together very much. Johnny's a straight-up bluesman, after all, a white-hot guitarist with roots in the Texas soul of T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. Little brother Edgar, a keyboard and saxophone prodigy, has more eclectic tastes, with his own albums ranging from jazz-tinged instrumental funk to space-prog epics. The joke is that even on 1992's HEY, WHERE'S YOUR BROTHER--a phrase both of them must hear a dozen times a day--Edgar only joins his big brother on a few tracks, a soulful rendition of Charles Brown's blues classic "Please Come Home for Christmas" being a clear highlight. Another treat is the sassy "You Must Have a Twin," one of the non-twins' few co-written songs. The whole album bristles with good humor and genial attitude, making it one of the most enjoyable items in either brother's catalogue.

Johnny Winter - vocals,guitar,acoustic guitar,electric guitar
Edgar Winter - vocals,saxophone,organ

Jeff Ganz - electric guitar,bass
Billy Branch - harmonica
Tom Compton - drums,percussion

1-Johnny Guitar
2-She Likes to Boogie Real Low
3-White Line Blues
4-Please Come Home for Christmas
5-Hard Way
6-You Must Have a Twin
7-You Keep Sayin' That You're Leaving
8-Treat Me Like You Wanta
9-Sick and Tired
10-Blues This Bad
11-No More Doggin'
12-Check Out Her Mama
13-I Got My Brand on You
14-One Step Forward

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  1. fuerza coraje de los mejores guitarrista de Ritman Blues que he escuchado todavia en activo sighe siendo JOHNNY WINTER

  2. Aguante Johnny Winter!!!!!!! Abrazo Antonio...una pena que se halla suspendido el show en Bs.As....................