lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

DVD - Johnny Winter - Live In Times Square,2033

Live In Times Square
B.B.King Blues Club Festival,New York
28 August,2003

This Johnny Winter performance from 28 August 2003,features Johnny Winter playing an extraordinary show at the legendary B.B.King's Blues Club in Times Square in New York.
Johnny Winter still shows a twinkle in his eye and displays brillance of the blues.He clearly loves what he is doing and has no intention os stopping anytime soom.Backed by smoking band Johnny Winter still delivers the goods.And when he breaks out the bottleneck slide,the adoring crowd erupts,the room is electrified and tto the very last man it is very clear why johnny Winter is a living legend.

1-Sugar Coated Love
2-Boogie Real Low
3-Good Tome Charlie
4-Sick & Tired
5-Star Over again
7-Messi'n'With the Kid
9-Mojo Working
10-Johnny Guitar
11-Mojo Boogie
12-Haghway 61

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