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DVD - Popa Chubby The Official DVD


The DVD made and produced by Popa Chubby. One hour and forty five minutes including images of recent gigs (from all over the world including France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and New York City), backstage footages, interviews, five videos, The Black Coffee Blues Band live in New York and some nice DVD's extras selected especially for you (i.e the making of of a video, Popa's full discography and productions, 18 pages of biography, photo gallery including original and amazing pictures

The Players Are:

Popa Chubby - Guitar
Mike Lattrell - Keyboards
Kris Jefferson - Bass
Tom Curiano - Drums
Larry Crockett - Drums

Black Coffee Features:

Galea - Bass
Arthur Neilson - Guitar
Dimitri - Drums
Popa Chubby - Guitar


01-I Just Want To Make Love To You (Wilie Dixon/Intro)
02-No Comfort (Ted Horowitz)
03-It's A Sad Day In New York City When There Ain't No Room For The Blues
04-Caffeine & Nicotine (Ted Horowitz/Live in New York City)
05-Popa Chubby Drum Solo
06-Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen (Ted Horowitz)
07-Freddie Shuffle (Ted Horowitz)
08-Slow Blues (Ted Horowitz)
09-New York City Blues (Ted Horowitz)
10-Lo Han Sway (Ted Horowitz)
11-How'd A White Boy Gets The Blues? (Ted Horowitz)
12-Wild Thing (Chip Taylor)
13-Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix) Medley


01-Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen (Ted Horowitz)
02-And The Beat Goes On (Sonny Bono)
03-Somebody Let The Devil Out (Ted Horowitz)
04-I Can't See The Light Of Day (Ted Horowitz)
05-I'll Be There For You (Ted Horowitz)

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