viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Little Charlie and the Nightcats - All The Way Crazy

All The Way Crazy

This 1987 outing found the band in fine form with its usual mix of strong originals and choice covers. Estrin's harp work on "Poor Tarzan" shows him to be a blower of chops equal to shining guitar whiz Charlie Baty's mercurial flights. Baty, as usual, struts vintage approved tones and blows hotter than a flamethrower on "Suicide Blues," and sprays Magic Sam licks all over Bobby Guitar's "When Girls Do It." Another solid entry in this band's discography

Charlie Baty - Guitar
Rick Estrin - Harmonica and Vocals
Jay Peterson - Bass and Background Vocals
Dobie Strange - Drums

1. T. V. Crazy
2. Right Around the Corner
3. Clothes Line
4. Living Hand to Mouth
5. Suicide Blues
6. Poor Tarzan
7. When Girls Do It
8. Eyes Like a Cat
9. I'll Take You Back
10. Short Skirt

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