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Lonnie Brooks - Live From Chicago,1987

Live From Chicago
Recorded live at B.L.U.E.S.
Etcetera,Chicago,Illinois on November 5-7-1987

Cut live at Chicago's B.L.U.E.S. Etcetera nightclub, the disc captures the high-energy excitement of Lonnie Brooks' live show. Many familiar titles from his Alligator catalog, along with a handful of never-before released tunes and a marathon "Hide Away" where Brooks pulls out all the guitaristic tricks at his command.

Lonnie Brooks - guitar,vocals
Osee Anderson - rhythm guitars
Ronnie Baker Brooks - rhythm guitars
Tom Giblin - organ,piano
Lafayette Lyle, Jr. - bass
Jimi Schutte - drums

1. Two Headed Man
2. Trading Post
3. In the Dark
4. Got Me by the Tail
5. One More Shot
6. Born With the Blues
7. Eyeballin'
8. Cold Lonely Nights
9. Hideaway
10. You Know What My Body Needs


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