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DVD - Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection

The Complete Rockpalast Collection
7 Concerts,1976/1980 on 3 DVD

Rory Gallagher was no stranger to Rockpalast, the German television program that highlighted many a great artist over the years. His live shows were highly energized and packed with raw emotion and gut force in a way that’s rarely done anymore. The astounding concerts on this three DVD set amount to a little less than ten hours of music, squeezing in eighty-four songs recorded live in different German venues from 1976 thru 1990. The included footage is an all-encompassing historical presentation of the onstage persona of Rory Gallagher, and without a doubt some of the best electric and acoustic performances caught on tape of the Irish blues-rocker. There’s so much great music here that focusing on a few random highlights is more than enough. I loved the different renditions of songs like "Shadow Play", "Shin Kicker", "Secret Agent", and "Out On The Western Plain". But even though there are a few repetitive song choices, it’s never redundant, as the set lists are exceptionally varied and complete. The audiences are extremely receptive to every move Rory makes, proving the depth of his European popularity. The first DVD begins with an acoustic show. I’m particularly fond of this, as it’s a perfect display of just how much a blues fan Rory was. His knack for acoustic blues is clear in renditions of Blind Boy Fuller’s "Pistol Slapper Blues", J.B. Hutto’s "Too Much Alcohol", and a hauntingly traditional rendition of Huddie Ledbetter’s "Out On The Western Plain".
On the second DVD, his screeching voice starts a rocking "Bullfrog Blues", making way for scorching slide-guitar work that sustains throughout the song. Gerry McAvoy’s killer bass solo is a notable performance here. An interesting cover of "Walkin‘ The Dog" on the jam session part of the second DVD features UK rock/soul singer Frankie Miller on raw and grainy lead vocal. Though a jam concert ensues with Eric Burden, David Lindley, Wolfgang Neidecken (lead singer of German band Bap), and others, it’s the Rory Gallagher Band that’s explosive throughout these DVDs. The additional footage is mere icing on the cake. Amazing performances with guest bassist Jack Bruce take place on the third DVD. Following a few moments of backstage banter and confusion over what song is to be played next, the two get onstage and break into "Politician". The bass pattern is immediately recognized by the eager audience. Rory, unfamiliar with the song’s arrangement at first, quickly gets into a groove of his own, adding incredible flair and phrasing to the Cream gem. Rory scorches with fiery licks and passion throughout "Shadow Play" and "Off The Handle" on this DVD as well. All of the performances are raw and electrifying, complete with last minute guitar tuning episodes and amplifier hum, easily reminding the listener and viewer that it’s 1976 thru 1990. Rory appears content without the luxury of a guitar tech, a scenario almost unheard of these days, especially for players of this caliber. That being said, sight and sound are amazingly good throughout. The camera shots are uncomplicated and minus the fancy editing and technical flash of today. This allows Rory and the band to be viewed without interference and interruption, just as an actual spectator at the show. The music is unrefined, powerful, and in-your-face. Rory Gallagher Live At Rockpalast is a gem that’ll be watched repeatedly by Gallagher fans as well as all blues-rock enthusiasts for many years to come. It’s an excellent reminder of just how talented and electrifying he was as a guitarist, vocalist, and all-around performer.

1 Pistol Slapper Blues
2 Too Much Alcohol
3 Out On The Western Plain
4 Bankers Blues
5 Rag Mama Rag
6 Nothing But The Devil
7 Goin' To My Hometown
8 I Take What I Want
9 Calling Card
10 Secret Agent
11 Do You Read Me
12 Bought And Sold
13 Country Mile
14 Jacknife Beat
15 Boogie

16 Messin' With The Kid
17 I Take What I Want
18 Garbage Man
19 Moonchild
20 Secret Agent
21 Calling Card
22 Out On The Western Plain
23 Barley And Grape Rag
24 Tattooed Lady
25 Souped Up Ford
26 Bullfrog Blues
27 Bought And Sold

28 Bullfrog Blues
29 Walkin' The Dog
30 Sea Cruise
31 Around And Around
32 Roll Over Beethoven


1 Wayward Child
2 Double Vision
3 Big Guns
4 What In The World
5 Nadine
6 Follow Me
7 Bad Penny
8 Bourbon
9 Jinxed
10 Moonchild
11 Brute Force And Ignorance
12 The Devil Made Me Do It
13 Out On The Western Plain
14 Ride On Red,Ride On
15 Philby
16 Shadow Play
17 Shinkicker
18 Peter Gunn

19 Knocking On Heaven¿s Door
20 I'm Ready
21 Medley: Lucille/Dust My Broom/I¿m Movin¿/Be Bap U Lua
22 Slow Down
23 I Have The Blues


1 Shink Kicker
2 The Last Of The Independents
3 Off The Handle
4 Bought And Sold
5 Shadow Play
6 A Million Miles Away
7 Hell Cat
8 Out On The Western Plain
9 Too Much Alcohol
10 Going To My Hometown
11 Tattoo'd Lady
12 Secret Agent
13 Fat Albert Roberta

14 Continental Op
15 Don't Start Me Talkin
16 Mean Disposition
17 Kid Gloves
18 Middle Name
19 The King Of Zydeco
20 Out On The Western Plain
21 Empire State Express
22 The Loop
23 Garbage Man
24 When My Baby She Left Me
25 Shadow Play
26 Shink Kicker
27 Born Under A Bad Sign(With Jack Bruce)
28 I'm Ready(With Jack Bruce)
29 Politician(With Jack Bruce)

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