viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Big Jack Johnson - We Got To Stop This Killin'

Big Jack Johnson and The Oilers
We Got To Stop This Killin'

1-We Got to Stop This Killin'
2-Hummin' Blues
3-Breakdown Blues
4-It's the Fourth of July
5-Lonesome Road
6-No Good Cow
7-Cracklin' Bread
8-Sweet Home Mississippi
9-Black Rooster
10-Big Foot Woman

Since many modern blues musicians are loath to break away from the norm, Big Jack Johnson can come as a shock. Johnson is determined to keep the blues a vital, living form, so he doesn't simply spit out the old standards again — he writes new songs about modern times, whether it's social commentary or love songs. Not only are his subjects fresh, but he makes sure that his music is fresh too, bringing funk and soul influences to his electrified Delta blues. In short, it fulfills the promise of Daddy, When Is Mama Coming Home by keeping its ambition and adding the grit of Oil Man

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