miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

CD - Pinetop Perkins - Live Top

A very competent combo offers incendiary support behind the veteran Chicago pianist throughout the album, recorded live before an appreciative gathering. ~ Bill Dahl
Originally released on Deluge Records and out of print since 1995, Live Top has been reissued on New England based 95North Records with all new artwork and "vintage" era artwork and packaging.
This brilliant set of live music began the night before on a warm autumn night in a blues club on the coastal town of Rockland Maine in 1994.
The legendary Tradewinds lounge was electric.
So in fact that the stage was set to record the "King of the 88's" ,Pinetop Perkins the following night at Bowdoin College in the quiet college town of Brunswick. The encore of that set at the Tradewinds appears on this Disc ...Track #12 "Almost Lost My Mind".
It is preceded by the full set ecorded at Bowdoin , keeping with the spontaneous tradition of the blues,one entire set of live recorded music. Backed by the Blue Flames ,Pinetop is electrifying,gliding along the piano keys with fire and grace. Enjoy this slice of blues history the way you like it ...LIVE.
Recorded live at Bowdoin College, Maine.

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