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CD - Joe Richardson Express - Non Stop

Joe Richardson on vocals, guitar and harp, John Wolfe on bass and Richard Lamm on drums are the blues band Joe Richardson Express.
In 2007, the band released LIVE, with cuts from their CDs, recorded at various live venues. The Express released NonStop in 2005, a blues-rock influenced rock-n-roll thrillride. Their 2002 release, somhelgisfel, is a fine representative of the Delta blues genre. Richardson's vocals carry unmistakable sincerity and passion. The band released Way Beyond the Blues in 2001.
The Joe Richardson Express plays at blues festivals and 6th Street spots like B.D. Riley's Pub and Friends.
Philip Knipe of Radio KLFM said, ?Joe appears to have the ability to breathe new life into the Blues idiom, no mean feat. The songs are very good, moving away from hackneyed, clicked styles without really straying from the heart of the Blues. Coupled to this, his voice conveys the Blues feeling without sounding affected in any way. I find that many Blues artists are tremendous instrumentalists, but very poor singers and songwriters, deffinately not the case with this guy.?
Richardson was born in southern Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Delta. Pickin' and playin' has been a way of life from an early age. At the age of 6 his grandpa gave him a guitar from a pawn shop, and he taught himself to play. Gaining experience from musical legends of the locale has allowed him to develop a style consistent with his background. A versatile veteran, he also plays fiddle and steel guitar.
Richard Lamm is the drummer for the Express. Born in San Antonio, Richard moved to Austin to pursue his professional career. He's been in numerous Austin bands, and done extensive road work both in the US and abroad, including USO tours on three continents. Recognized as one of Austin's best drummers, Richard is a valuable third of the JRE trio.
Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa., John learned the ropes under the strong blue collar, R&B/Soul influences of that area. After relocating to Florida, he worked with numerous touring bands from the blues label "King Snake Records". From Florida his touring took him, for a short stint, to the blues clubs of the Myrtle Beach S.C. area. Hearing about the music scene in Austin, John decided to give Texas a try in the spring of 2003, and the Express is glad he did!

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