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DVD - Tail Dragger - My Head Is Bald - Chicago,2005

Live on July 16,2005

With Billy Branch,Lurrie Bell and Jimmy Dawkins

Tail Dragger - a holdout from the time when blues giants like Howlin’ Wolf and Magic Sam still ruled on the West Side. The neighborhood, the music, and the rest of the world have changed around him, but Tail Dragger still embraces the old ways. Even Tail Dragger’s original material, in which he addresses modern-day concerns, is hewn from the same raw materials utilized ‘back in the day’: loosely-swinging rhythms, snaky intertwining guitars, and often as not, a wailing amplified harp player leading the way. Ironically, he’s become unique by not changing for 40 years.As a fan of Howlin’ Wolf’s music since before moving to Chicago in ’66, Tail Dragger began hanging around and sitting in with the big man himself. In addition to some first-hand tutoring, it was Wolf who gave Tail Dragger his stage name which he’s used ever since.
You really must witness a performance to fully appreciate the Tail Dragger experience. Like his early mentor The Wolf, there is almost nothing he won’t do – whether it’s crawling on all fours or slithering on his belly like a snake – in order to sell a song, or get his point across. And thanks to this live DVD release, blues fans who don’t live within driving distance of Vern’s Friendly Lounge will finally get a chance to experience the one and only Tail Dragger in all his earthy glory

2-Sitting Here Singing My Blues
3-Tend to Your Business
4-Prison Blues
5-So Ezee
6-My Woman Is Gone
7-My Head Is Bald
8-You Gotta Go
9-Cold Out Doors
10-Jump for Joy

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