miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Kirk Fletcher - Shades of Blue


Kirk "Eli" Fletcher is young African American man from Los Angeles who has embraced and thoroughly immersed himself in the music of his parents and grandparents: the electric blues sounds of the '50s and '60s. In an age when his contemporaries are immers.Classic electric Chicago, Delta, and West Coast blues played with passion and fire by one of the best blues guitarists in the business, with a little help from some high-profile friends. ”

Kirk Fletcher - Guitar
Finis Tasby,Janvia Magness - Vocals
Kenny Sara,Richard Innes - Drums
Kim Wilson - Vocals,Harmonica
Red Young - Piano,Organ

01. Blues For Boo Boo
02. Bad Boy
03. Welfare Blues
04. Don't Go No Further
05. Club Zanzibar [Instr]
06. That's Why I'm Cryin'
07. Worried Man Blues
08. Country Girl
09. Down Home Woman
10. Stranded In St. Louis
11. Little By Little
12. My Home Is A Prison
13. A River's Invitation
14. Hip Hug Her [Instr]
15. You Don't Know
16. Club Zanzibar
17. Don't Go No Further

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