sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Scott Ellison - Don't Push Your Luck (2011)


Scott caught the music bug at an early age-February 13,1964 to be exact-and just like every other nine year old who was watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan that night, he fell in love with the guitar. During the 70s Scott's home town of Tulsa was a hot bed of musical talent. Eric Clapton and Freddie King's bands were both based in Tulsa as was Leon Russel's Shelter Records. Influenced and electrified by the British Invasion bands, moved by the sounds of Motown, and touched by the soulfulness of the Rhythm and Blues music coming out of Memphis, it wasn't long before Scott started his own band. In 1977 he began touring with Jessica James (Conway Twitty's daughter) and by 1981 "Gatemouth" Brown had plucked up this emerging, energetic guitar player to play Rhythm. Ellison became acclimated to this life of a musician on the road and found that he loved it.

1-Don't Push Your Luck
2-I'm Ready Baby
3-Down Down Baby
4-Little Sweet Thang
5-Jesus Loves Me (Baby Why Don't You)

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