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DVD - Albert Colins - In Concert

Recorded October 27th,1988

"Albert Collins was a great Blues innovator. His Ice Man sound was unique and immediately recognised. This DVD is superb. The band is great and tight and the sound fabluous. Actually all of the Ohne Filter series are excellent, they sound great and the production is excellent. And this is one of the best.
The set was filmed in 1988 (October). His band was fabulous and included Debbie Davies on second guitar. She helps with vocals as well (She was from LA and was friends with John Mayall's wife). Tracks include "Listen Here" a great opener and introduction to the Collins-style of Blues. His guitar with minor key tuning, a capo and finger playing has a sound that is impossible to copy-there are no SRV's trying to emulate Albert Collins, like there have been with Albert King. No one can do his thing! His attack, phrasing and finger-style were totally unique! Hendrix loved Albert and tried to promote him in the 1960s, when he was only known in Texas and California. "There's this cat from Texas named Albert Collins and he's good, really good" said Jimi in an early interview.
The set progresses to the shuffle "Tired Man" which has a great soulful vocal. "Lights On Nobody Home" is Collins signature slow Blues, he always did this one! I saw him twice in Australia in 1987 and 1992. Great, just like this DVD. "Mastercharge" showcases the Collins -style of Blues humour. He wrote this with his wife Gwendolyne and it appeared on his most influential LP "Ice Pickin". The rest of the set is also interesting. "BLack Cat Bone" was sung by Johnny Copeland on the Show Down LP (Grammy Winner!) but Albert does a great job. "I Ain't Drunk" displays more of Collin's humourous writing style. "I Got A Feeling" is a funky soulful outing with Davies singing backup. The highlight is of course "Frosty" with Duke Robillard adding a few solos on his Surf Green Stratocaster. It ends, as did most of his shows, with a walk through the crowd on his long guitar lead (his trademark!!)

The Band
Albert Collins - Guitar - Vocals
Debbie Davies - Guitar - Vocals
Chuck Williams - Saxophone
Sam Franklin - Tenor Saxophone
Gabe Flemmons - Trumpet
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass
Soko Richardson - Drums

Special Guest on "Frosty" Duke Robillard

1 - Sack of Woe
2 - Listen Here
3 - Tired Man
4 - Lights Are on Nobody Home
5 - Mastercharge
6 - Blackcat Bone
7 - I Ain't Drunk
8 - I Got That Feeling
9 - Frosty

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