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Tino Gonzales - Live at the Dinosaur2

Live at the Dinosaur2

This is one great energetic cd! It features some wonderful sax work by the late, great Arnie lawrence as well as the dynamic guitar of Tino Gonzales. Tino's popularity isn't reserved strictly to concert-goers, he's received praise from Blues Magazines and Clubs, and many contemporaries.....

"Young Chicago Hispanic guitarist and singer backs up his claim to a "new generation of the blues" on this live disc. He's even got a sage comment for our profession: "One critic says it's wrong, one critic says it's right, these same critics gotta understand that they might be losing sight." Watch for this guy. " Blues Access,

"Tino shows us that he is not just a one-dimensional player but rather has a strong command of the entire guitar neck and of differing styles of music. I can best describe this tune as what would happen if you took George Benson's style and spiced it up with a good dash of funk and a big slab of the blues." Southwest Blues Magazine Blues Review

Tino Gonzales - Vocals,Guitar
Arnie Lawrence - Saxophone
Don Harden - Keyboards
Eric Arrington - Bass
Butch Walker - Drums

1 - Dead Man's Shoes
2 - Love Is Here To Stay
3 - Piece Of Work
4 - Same Old Blues
5 - Lovin' Tool
6 - I'll Play The Blues For You
7 - Come Baby
8 - Mil Amores
9 - Body & Fender Man
10 - Texas
11 - Poverty
12 - My Back Scratcher

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