jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Savoy Brown - The Blues Keep Me Holding On


Give Savoy Brown credit for carrying on when most of their peers have packed it in. There aren't many blues-rock bands from the late '60s still performing and recording, so it is noteworthy that they're still active. And from the sounds of The Blues Keep Me Holding On, they probably give a pretty good concert, too. Unfortunately, they don't make very interesting albums. The Blues Keep Me Holding On is a predictable mix of standards ("Going Down to Mobile," "Little Red Rooster"), contemporary covers, and new songs, all given straight-ahead arrangements and clean production. There are moments were the band starts cooking, but by and large, it all comes across as a bit flat. Longtime fans may want to consider adding it to their collection, since it isn't a bad listen, but less dedicated listeners probably will want to stick with the original albums or check out Savoy Brown in concert.

Kim Simmonds - Vocals,Guitar
Nathaniel Peterson - Vocals,Bass
Tom Compton - Drums

Additional Personnel:

Duke Robillard -

Paul Oscher - Harmonica
Dave Maxwell - Piano
Leo Lyons - Bass
Roger Earl - Drums

1 - Going Down to Mobile
2 - She's Leaving
3 - That's All I Want Baby
4 - The Blues Keep Me Holding On
5 - Bad Shape
6 - Mississippi Steamboat
7 - Ain't No Need to Worry 9
8 - Headline News
9 - Little Red Rooster
10 - When You've Got a Good Friend
11 - Everybody Says They Want It

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