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CD - Santana - Caravanserai,1972


Though there were hints of jazz fusion on Santana's first three albums, 1972's CARAVANSERAI introduced a dramatic shift in the band's sound, away from essentially pop-based music to a freer, more harmonically complex jazz/rock hybrid. In addition, the record marked a splintering of the original Santana lineup (soon to splinter further still with the departure of organist Gregg Rolie and guitarist Neal Schon, who then formed Journey).Seemingly unconcerned with the pursuit of hit singles, guitarist Carlos Santana and crew here turn in an exquisitely moody disc of mostly instrumental jamming with a brooding intensity akin to Miles Davis's classic BITCHES BREW, underscored by the San Francisco-based ensemble's trademark propulsive rhythms. The new approach reaches its apex on the fiery, Chick Corea-like "La Fuente Del Ritmo," which features future key Santana musicians Armando Pereza (percussion) and Tom Coster (piano). Also of note is bassist Doug Raunch, who replaces David Brown's meat-and-potatoes R&B playing with a more technically accomplished style that edges the group closer to Tower of Power territory. A dark and perhaps intentionally non-radio-friendly album that likely shocked many fans upon its release, CARAVANSERAI is an underrated, but important and fascinating, chapter in Santana's history.

Carlos Santana - Vocals,Guitar,Percussion
James Mingo Lewis - Vocals,Piano,Bongos,Congas,Percussion
Rico Reyes - Vocals
Doug Rauch - Guitar,Bass
Douglas Rodrigues - Guitar
Neal Schon - Guitar
Caliman - Saxophone
Gregg Rolie - Piano,Organ
Wendy Haas - Piano
Tom Coster - Piano
Tom Rutley
- Acoustic Bass
Mike Shrieve - Drums
Jose "Chepito" Areas - Bongos,Timbales
Armando Peraza - Bongos,Percussion
Lenny White - Castanets

1-Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation
2-Waves Within
3-Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)
4-Just In Time To See The Sun
5-Song Of The Wind
6-All The Love Of The Universe
7-Future Primitive
8-Stone Flower
9-La Fuente Del Ritmo
10-Every Step Of The Way

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