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DVD - Tension & Release - Springing The Blues Festival ,2003


Springing The Blues is an annual festival drawing 125,000 fans to see some of the nation's top Blues performers in an intimate beachside setting in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Tension and Release captures that scene, bringing us the Blues as it is played by some of the most talented and passionate performers playing today. This isn't a collection of classic performances - it's a very personal look at today's finest. So rather than offer a remote historical analysis, this film offers a celebratory immersion in the music itself! The artists provide their own commentary - usually with guitar in hand to provide illustration.Throughout the film, we are treated to a sampling of some of the best performances of the festival. And in an intimate conversational style, the artists offer insights into how their music drives their own lives and ties into the overall history of the Blues in America.We learn from the artists that the Blues is a musical label "that has to do with 12 bars and 3 chords," but we also learn that the artists reject that simplistic approach. Otis Taylor notes that "Asking what the Blues is, is like asking what life is." Albert Gomes and others explain the classic structure of tension and release - and how this song and chord structure provides the flexibility they need to open the floodgates of emotion. And they amply demonstrate in songs like Hoodoo Man, The Dream and Higher.

Jimmy Thackery - The Star Spangled Banner
Otis Taylor Band - Resurrection Blues
John Hammond Band - Buzz Fledder John
Johnnie Marshall - That's Where It's At; Statesboro Blues
Deborah Coleman - The Dream
Michael Burks - Don't Let It Be A Dream
Albert Castiglia - Hoodoo Man Blues
J.J. Grey - Higher; Seminole Wind
Mofro - Lochloosa
Tab Benoit and Jimmy Thackery - Whiskey Store

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